*The authoritarian militarization of the ethnic Croats: An Alternative view of the destruction of Yugoslavia

Хрватска данас

Probably, the HDZ’s deny of any kind of the regional autonomy in Croatia was the expression of the policy of anti-liberal democracy concept of minority rights. Therefore, the regional parties of Istria, the Serbian Krayina and Dalmatia suffered mostly from such policy of a brutal centralization of Croatia […]


*Extremist Ideological Background of Croatia’s Role in Destruction of Ex-Yugoslavia


From the point of ideology of the extreme Croat nationalism, the cardinal goal of ultra-right nationalistic parties, groups, ideologists and politicians was to create for the first time after 1102 an independent, as much as a Greater and finally “Serben-frei” Croatia. In the 1990s it was exactly ultra-right nationalistic ideology that provided the main background for creation of a new normative order and values in the HDZ’s Croatia […]