2 roman_empire_395

Administrative division of the Roman Empire about 395 A.D.

10 byzantine_empires_814

Europe in the early Middle Ages: The Carolingian Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Arab Caliphate and the Slavs

9 germanic_kingdoms_526

Europe in 526: The Germanic kingdoms and the Byzantine Empire

12 europe_peoples_900

Ethnographic map of Europe about 900

13 europe_mediterranean_1097

Europe, North Africa and the Near East at the time of the First Crusade

Lenkija ir LDK za vreme Jogaile 1386 do 1434

The Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania after the Kreve Union (1385)

10 Europe in time of crusades

A time after the First Crusade

1 central_europe_1547

German Central Europe about 1500


Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 13-15th centuries

20. CE and SEE 1815 to 1859

The Balkans from 1815 to 1859: Political division between the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Monarchy

15 balkans_1856

The Balkans in the mid-19th century

16 balkans 1856 to 1878

The Balkans from 1856 (Paris Peace Treaty) to 1878 (Berlin Congress)

19 a balkan_states_1900

The Balkans after the Berlin Congress in 1878 till the Balkan Wars in 1912-1913

117. yugoethnic

Ethnographic map of the “Yugoslavs” submitted to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 by the “Yugoslav” representatives

2. YUG map-Nazi-1940

Ethnographic map of Yugoslavia according to the German intelligence service in 1940

127. Kraljevina Jugoslavija 1929

Administrative division of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia into 9 banovinas from 1929 to 1939

40 DijalektiStokavskogNarecja

Dialectical map of the Shtokavian tongue

157. Iran Persia Arabia 1850

A map of Persia & Arabia in 1850

Ethnolinguistic groups in Caucasus 2009

Ethnolinguistic groups in the Caucasus in 2014

Separatisti Euroseparatism


Middle East in focus

Population map

Population map



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