Month: November 2015

*US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II


The causes of wars are complex. In some instances nations other than the U.S. may have been responsible for more deaths, but if the involvement of our nation appeared to have been a necessary cause of a war or conflict it was considered responsible for the deaths in it […]


*History of Kosovo & Metochia

33. Zvecan

The Albanian national movement, established in accordance with the program of the First Prizren League in 1878, is keeping on with its terrorist activities up today. It was before after June 1999 particularly active in the period of Italian and German Greater Albania from April 1941 to May 1945, when it undertook the organization of the Albanian Quisling network of agents […]


*Article: “Who are the Albanians?…”


Article by Vladislav B. Sotirović: “Who are the Albanians? The Illyrian Anthroponomy and the Ethnogenesis of the Albanians – A Challenge to Regional Security”, Serbian Studies: Journal of the North American Society for Serbian Studies, Vol. 26, 2012, № 1−2, ISSN 0742-3330, 2015, Slavica Publishers, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, pp. 45−76 […]


*Прва постхладноратовска “хуманитарна интервенција” − Вуковар 1991. г.


У националном погледу је несумњиво да је град Вуковар са околином био мешовита област у којој су етнички Срби чинили већину, чак и након Другог светског рата (тј. и након нацихрватског србоцида), и на основу тога тражили од нових послератних (антисрпских) комунистичких власти да и читав Западни Срем уђе у федералну јединицу Србије […]


*The NATO’s Violations of The “Just War” Principles in 1999

Kosovo heroin

Current political process of acceptance of the quasi-independent state of Kosovo to the full UN’s UNESCO’s membership opened once again a question of the NATO’s military intervention against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (the FRY) in March−June 1999 as a foundation for Kosovo’s secession from Serbia and its unilateral proclamation of a quasi-independence in February 2008 […]


*The 1915−1916 Armenian Genocide: An Ideology, Course and Consequences


A massive destruction of the Ottoman (Orthodox Christian) Armenian population in 1915−1916 is probably the greatest atrocity committed during the WWI and for sure a first 20th century case of the genocide as up to 1.500.000 ethnic Armenians were executed by the Ottoman authorities and their collaborators (the Kurds) […]