*Kosovo: Protest against discrimination and human rights violations

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA – Healthcare employees in northern Kosovo areas with a Serb majority have stopped working for an hour in protest against the poor security situation there and violations of their human rights.


Doctors saw only urgent patients during the protest on Wednesday.

The protest was organised in reaction to a threat by the police that they would arrest two doctors unless they performed an autopsy on the body of the tragically deceased Dusanka Andrejevic, for which the order was issued in Albanian.

Doctors of the hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica asked on Monday to have the order in Serbian.

The protest was organised because of discrimination and failure by the institutions in Kosovo to prevent violence, as well as because of the behaviour of the international community, that is Eulex, which does not ensure the conditions needed for life and basic human rights to work, freedom and life.

All the healthcare facilities in northern Kosovo joined the protest, as well as their colleagues in other Serb areas in the province.


Source: http://inserbia.info/today/2015/03/kosovo-protest-against-discrimination-and-human-rights-violations/

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